Old House Fair FAQs

Q: How do I buy tickets for Old House Fair? 

A: You can purchase tickets online before the event, or at the ticket booth on the day of the event. The ticket booth will be located at 2219 30th Street at the Rose Wine Bar patio. 

Q: Do I have to see the houses in order? 

A: No – you decide which houses to see and when! Just hop on and off the trolley to view each house as you choose. Or walk if you prefer. Take a break to eat or shop in the neighborhood and then hop back on the trolley to see the rest. The home tours run from 10am to 4pm.

Q: How do the homes on tour get chosen?

A: Homes are chosen based on a variety of factors including that they were built by a notable architects; are a good representation of period architecture for the neighborhood; have unique features; or they have been carefully preserved and restored by the owners.

Q: Are children allowed on the Home Tour? 

A: Yes, children are allowed on the home tour, but must have their own ticket. There are no strollers allowed in homes or on the trolley. Infants in carriers (body wrap or carrier attached to a person) do not need a ticket.

Q: What happened to the street fair?

A: In 2018 we decided to streamline and focus on the heart of this historic event — the homes, the home tour, the vintage home specialists and the neighborhood businesses! The street fair was a very costly part of the event (ask us how much, we’ll tell you) to produce and needed dozens of volunteers. We thought it was important to continue this event and doing the home tour without closing the street makes this much more doable. In addition to home tours, we’ve added a bike tour and in 2019 will feature home art studios on the map that will be open to visitors as well.

Q: But I loved the street fair! Can’t you just bring it back?

A: Sounds like you’re volunteering to run a street festival! Way to step up! Seriously though, have you ever run a street festival?